Eguana Battery Systems

Green Grid is an Authorized Distributor and Installer of Eguana battery systems.

Optimize your FIT/MicroFIT

As contracts are ending for FIT/MicroFIT systems, talk to us about maximizing your investment with Eguana battery systems.

Solar Installations On and Off Grid

Green Grid is a longstanding name in the Solar industry. Talk to us about your solar project or off grid needs.

Service & Maintenance

Have your power systems repaired and serviced by the industry experts at Green Grid Solutions.

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Future proof your home, protect it against power outages, or maximize your solar investment using Eguana battery systems.


Products and Service Details

Evolve Hub Datasheet

Adding an Evolve energy storage system to your new or existing solar PV system has never been easier with the Evolve Hub. Loaded with an energy management controller & gateway, an automatic bypass switch, and an 8-channel programmable power meter, multi-mode solar plus storage configurations are more flexible than ever. The AC coupled architecture ensures […]

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