Optimize your Power System

Because we cannot control when there is sunlight and often cannot control when we need power, we need a solution to optimize and manage power delivery.  Eguana Technologies provides this solution with a smart battery system which can reduce your grid consumption and maximize your grid feed-in payback.

In a perfect world, we would generate our own power and sell any excess to the grid.  Unfortunately, much of the power households use is consumed in the evenings where sunlight is sparse or non-existent.  Fortunately, Eguana power systems intelligently manages the flow of electricity between your solar, home, batteries and grid in order to deliver you the cheapest electricity rates.

For example, throughout the day during peak power rates, Eguana passes solar power directly to your home while passing any excess solar generation to the batteries.  Eguana monitors the batteries and, when full, intelligently switches to feed the excess generated power into the grid so you get paid.  In the evening, Eguana can use power from the batteries first.  If demand is excessively high during a particular evening, Eguana will be able to maximize savings using stored power before switching to grid power to purchase additional at the lowest off-peak rates.

Eguana battery systems are not a simple time of day switching system, but an intelligent management system designed to optimize power production in order to lower your electric utility costs.